PRIMESHIELD Wet works in a similar way to PRIMESHIELD Dry but with one fundamental difference. It has been designed to combat the detrimental effects of grimy work even in wet and damp conditions.

Once applied, your hands are protected not only against tough grease and grime but ALSO paints, inks, adhesives and lubricants … and you can even use it under water!

PRIMESHIELD Wet is designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to latex gloves, barrier creams and hand-cleaning products. It protects and replenishes working hands in the toughest of environments.

PRIMESHIELD Wet is designed to inhibit grime, dirt  and problem liquids, from penetrating the skin. It protects the skin from irritation if users have eczema or dermatitis and is, of course, anti-bacterial to help combat infection and irritation.

PRIMESHIELD Wet forms an invisible protective membrane on your hands just 30 seconds after application. It acts as a second skin and gives unbeatable protection for up to 4 hours.

PRIMESHIELD Wet is the perfect solution to protect your hands in a host of situations. From work like decorating and printing to hobbies such as pottery or fishing, it’ll keep your hands safe in harsh environments.

Barrier – Glove – Cleanser – Moisturiser

PRIMESHIELD Wet is much more than a barrier cream.

Latex gloves can leave hands feeling sweaty, powdery and even irritated but PRIMESHIELD Wet leaves hands clean, soft and pampered. It’s a cost-effective 4-in-1 solution and a unique alternative to other hand protection products.

PRIMESHIELD Wet is bio-degradable and comes in recyclable packaging. It contains our 99.999% effective  anti-bacterial ingredient, an all-natural product that’s not tested on animals.

How To Use

PrimeShield Wet 5 circles

SQUIRT a thumbnail sized amount onto clean, dry hands

RUB well into the backs and around fingernails

WAIT 30 seconds as the protective membrane is formed and it dries completely

WORK for up to 4 hours with unbeatable protection

WASH off grime as required using just soap and water

Protects and moisturises even after handwashing. Only two applications normally required per day