Barrier – Glove – Cleanser – Moisturiser

PRIMESHIELD Dry is designed as an alternative to latex gloves, barrier creams and hand-cleaning products. It protects and replenishes working hands in the toughest of environments.

PRIMESHIELD Dry is designed to inhibit grime and dirt from penetrating the skin. It allows dirt to be removed without soap or detergents and protects the skin from irritation if users have eczema or dermatitis. It softens hard skin and callouses and is anti-bacterial.

PRIMESHIELD Dry is much more than a barrier cream. Latex gloves can leave hands feeling sweaty, powdery and even irritated but PRIMESHIELD Dry leaves hands clean, soft and pampered. It’s a unique alternative to other hand protection products and a cost-effective 4-in-1 solution.


PRIMESHIELD Dry forms an invisible protective membrane on your hands just 30 seconds after application. It acts as a second skin and gives unbeatable protection for up to 5 hours.

PRIMESHIELD Dry is the perfect solution to protect your hands whether you work with grease, oil, rubber, paint or ink. It protects your hands from all the ingrained dirt and grime that your work throws at you.

PRIMESHIELD Dry is bio-degradable and comes in recyclable packaging. It contains our 99.999% effective anti-bacterial, an all-natural component that’s not tested on animals.

How To Use


SQUIRT a pea-sized amount onto the palm of your hand

RUB well into hands, between the fingers and under the nails

WAIT 30 seconds to let it dry

WORK for up to 5 hours with unbeatable protection

RINSE hands in water. Don’t over-rub – let the water do the work


As the propulsion engineer on the Vulcan aircraft, most of my days are spent dealing with a multitude of lubricants, fuel and other ‘nasties’.

I have found PRIMESHIELD far superior to any other product on offer as a skin barrier, due to the ease of application, the protection it offers and its removal at the end of the day.

I highly recommend this product to any industry that has a skin protection policy.”

—R WATTS, Aircraft Propulsion Engineer

“Using PRIMESHIELD allows me to prevent skin damage from working with brass cogs, screws, springs etc. whilst retaining the sensitive touch needed that cannot be achieved done with protective gloves found in the market place today. The damaged skin I had from years of watch making, now  repaired and softened!”

Clock maker

—Alasdair, Clock Maker & Watch Repairer

“We tried the ultimate s**t-to-a-blanket test. After creaming one hand up, Test Bench dipped both in a tin of well-known hammered-finish paint. Two days later, I have one clean paw while the other still has evidence of the experiment.

This new product is cost effective and it works – keeping your hands clean, fresh and able to do delicate repair, especially electrical jobs, easily. In Test Bench’s view that makes it worth its place in your washroom.”