De-Grime Any Time

Already got dirty hands? No problem!

Simply use GRIMEERASE The Instant Rescuer …

GRIMEERASE is THE time-saving, cost effective one-product solution for already dirty hands. It’s ideal for industry, DIY, work environments and travel.

GRIMEERASE lifts off the grime and debris you can see, as well as the ingrained dirt you can’t!

GRIMEERASE saves embarrassment, saves your skin and saves the day!

GRIMEERASE is bio-degradable and comes in recyclable packaging. It contains our all-natural, 99.999% effective anti-microbial ingredient that’s not tested on animals.

For Grimy Hands on the Move

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Anti-bacterial and bio-degradable
  • All-in-one cleanser, non-abrasive exfoliant and moisturiser
  • Reduces cross-contamination and cross-infection

No Water – No Soap – No Towel

How To Use

Grime Erase 3 Circles

SQUIRT onto hands

RUB well in and keep rubbing continuously, until dirt is lifted from skin

DONE - Continue with your day!

 “Latex gloves will soon be a thing of the past in any aircraft hangar, garage or workshop environment – fantastic.”


—E GADD, Aircraft Structures Engineer