Our Products…

… are the ultimate in skin protection, cleansing and care. All of them have been designed to not only protect your skin from the daily toil of work, but also to help repair and replenish your skin as they protect.

What makes PRIMESHIELD products different?

They are all made from 100% minerals and only grade ‘A’ materials are used. The minerals used in most barrier creams and cosmetics are diluted.

We guarantee:

  • No petroleum or oil based products
  • No alcohol
  • No solvents
  • No animal residue used
  • Not tested on animals

PRIMESHIELD products carry their own 99.999% effective bactericide which reassuringly sanitises, while you – and the products – go to work.

There’s no need for any skin aftercare as our products also carry a skin softener and conditioner, both a far higher grade than found in many cosmetics.

Most of our skin products can be used anywhere on the body -  dirt and grime doesn’t just stick to hands!

Here’s a quick overview of our diverse industrial range:

PRIMESHIELD Dry acts as an invisible glove that protects hands from grease and grime. Apply before work and once your work is done, simply use water – and nothing else – to remove substances such as oil, paint, grease, debris and ingrained grime. This product is also ideal for those who suffer with dermatitis and eczema as it seals the skin and brings down irritation and inflammation.

PRIMESHIELD Wet is designed for those who work outdoors in damp and wet conditions – civil engineers, mechanics, tyre fitters etc. It can even be used by athletes who suffer with skin chafing and foot sores. There are endless ways to use this innovative product! It requires water and a little soap to remove.

GRIMEERASE is designed to work when there’s no soap, water, cleaning fluids, or even a towel to be found. Just squirt a small amount onto the grimy area and massage continuously into the skin. The product changes from a clear fluid to small round putty balls. It doesn’t just lift off dirt and grime you can see, but also deep cleanses the skin and removes toxins. Skin is left sanitised.  This product even helps to reduce perspiration (aka sweat!) on your hands. Due to the thorough nature of the deep cleanse, keep away from hairy areas! :-)

None of our products contain alcohol, or have any added fragrance or artificial colouring.

vegan society log0PRIMESHIELD products are 100% British made, accredited by The Vegan Society (as they have no animal content) nor are they tested upon animals. All packaging and containers are 100% recyclable giving us an extremely low carbon footprint.

And as if all of that isn’t good enough, using PRIMESHIELD products is a lot more cost effective than using latex gloves – and way more environmentally friendly too!

PRIMESHIELD Global “Firsts”

  • Second skin protection with bactericide
  • Skin protection with insect repellant
  • No animal component
  • Water based – no petroleum, solvents, alcohol
  • No stone exfoliant in GRIMEERASE
  • No known religious law contravened
  • Alcohol-free
  • Safe and soothing for dermatitis and eczema
  • Can use anywhere on the body
  • Safe to use on infants under 3 years old
  • Half the price of latex