The PRIMESHIELD Skincare range is perfect for everyone, whether you’re on the move, at home with the family or at work.


- the ultimate instant rescuer for dirty hands

Cleanse, exfoliate & rejuvenate your skin with Deep Cleanser for Hands – the one-stop solution for hands that are already dirty. This quick and easy to use, all-in-one cleanser, non-abrasive exfoliant and moisturiser is also perfect for when you get grubby unexpectedly, such as when you have to change a tyre or replace a bike chain – or when there’s a DIY emergency in the home.

No Water – No Soap – No Towel Required!

  • Apply to soiled hands
  • Rub continuously as grime is lifted from skin
  • Removes the grime and debris you can see as well as the ingrained dirt you can’t
  • Helps control sweaty hands and improves the sense of touch
  • Perfect for travel, musicians and artisans, sports and hobbies.

Saves Embarrassment, Saves Your Hands, Saves The Day!

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- protects in any tough environment

Shield, soften and replenish your skin with Skin Protector for Hands – a liquid glove that protects your working hands by forming an invisible membrane 30 seconds after application. It’s this protective membrane that shields your skin against harsh liquids such as lubricants, water-based paints and inks as well as adhesives and everyday grease and grime.

It can even be used in water! Simply …

  • SQUIRT a thumbnail amount onto clean, dry hands
  • RUB well into hands and around fingernails
  • WAIT 30 seconds as the invisible protective membrane is formed and Skin Protector dries completely
  • WORK for up to 5 hours with unbeatable protection
  • WASH off as required

Reduce cross-contamination and cross-infection … each and every day!

Peter Murphy“PRIMESHIELD Deep Cleanser is awesome … really rocks.

For years guitarists have lengthened the life of strings by cleaning them after use. Now you can extend the life of your strings and guitar hardware by preventative action, by cleaning your hands thoroughly which washing cannot do alone.

Deep Cleanser removes the toxins in the skin and slows down sweating that causes string and hardware deterioration. Touch sensitivity is greatly increased, skin totally sanitised – PRIMESHIELD Deep Cleanser really rocks.”

—PETER MURPHY, Guitarist

Both conform to European Standards EN1276 for bacteria types, EN1650 for moulds and fungi and EN1500 hygienic hand rub.

Active ingredient: PHB

All PRIMESHIELD product packaging is bio-degradable and comes in recyclable packaging. It contains an all-natural, proprietory anti-microbial ingredient that’s exclusive to PRIMESHIELD and not tested on animals.