_wsb_194x278_Vulcan+and+Red+Arrows+VerticalAs the propulsion engineer on the Vulcan aircraft, most of my days are spent dealing with a multitude of lubricants, fuel and other ‘nasties’.

I have found PRIMESHIELD far superior to any other product on offer as a skin barrier, due to the ease of application, the protection it offers and its removal at the end of the day.

I highly recommend this product to any industry that has a skin protection policy.”

—R WATTS, Aircraft Propulsion Engineer

A most amazing product.

Complete and easy protection from hazardous compounds with sensitivity for delicate work; friendly to the environment too!

Highly recommended.”

—L WHITE, Aircraft Structures Engineer

“I love working on bikes, but I don’t enjoy the effects oils and lubricants can have on my hands. Latex gloves do the job, but they are not that comfortable and rip easily.

PRIMESHIELD is like working with your bare hands, you can’t even see it. But when I finish the job, I just rinse my hands and they are instantly clean”

—ROB COOKSLEY, Owner, Bad Ass Bikes

“Using PRIMESHIELD allows me to prevent skin damage from working with brass cogs, screws, springs etc. whilst retaining the sensitive touch needed that cannot be achieved done with protective gloves found in the market place today. The damaged skin I had from years of watch making, now  repaired and softened!” Clock maker

—ALASDAIR, Clock and Watch Maker/Repairer

An excellent product, which would be most useful in any aircraft environment.

It also saves time at the end-of-day wash-up.”

—N CALDER, Aircraft Structures Engineer

I used PRIMESHIELD during the aircraft display season last year and found it to work exceptionally well. It’s easy to apply and is easily removed using plain water.

For daily, heavier use in the hangar, it works just as well providing hand protection from oils and greases.

This product, once applied still allows you to retain feeling in your fingers enabling you to carry out intricate work, unlike wearing gloves.”

—R LEE, Aircraft Electrical Engineer

We have been using PRIMESHIELD for the past year and have found it excellent to use; it is easy to apply and dries quickly.  Once applied, there is no sensation of wearing gloves.

It offers excellent protection against oils and greases and washes off easily with water.

It allows protection without the use of conventional gloves, which can be awkward to use in certain jobs where a tactile sensation is required.”

—K PENFOLD, Aircraft Electrical Engineer

PRIMESHIELD is a welcome relief from wearing conventional gloves and you can retain the sensitivity that you lose with normal latex gloves and yet clean up at the end of the day just as easily.

Latex gloves will soon be a thing of the past in any aircraft hangar, garage or workshop environment – fantastic.”

—E GADD, Aircraft Structures Engineer

“I LOVE this product! A friend of mine let me try some and I used it at an acrylic paint alternative methods workshop… I didn’t feel it on my hands so I didn’t think it would work but I was WRONG!

Come clean up time, there was no harsh soaps, no tough scrubbing, and (best of all) no irritated/raw hands! I LOVE this product and would live to see it in stores!”

—Rebecca Marie Bos, New Mexico, USA

Peter Murphy“GRIMEAngel is awesome … really rocks.

For years guitarists have lengthened the life of strings by cleaning them after use. Now you can extend the life of your strings and guitar hardware by preventative action, by cleaning your hands thoroughly which washing cannot do alone.

Grime Angel removes the toxins in the skin and slows down sweating that causes string and hardware deterioration. Touch sensitivity is greatly increased, skin totally sanitised – GRIMEAngel really rocks.”

—PETER MURPHY, Guitarist

I would just like to commend you on an excellent product; so easy to use and, at the same time, keeping the feel in your touch that you lose whilst wearing normal gloves.

Highly recommended.”

—D INGRAM, Aircraft Structures Engineer