James Parsons



+ 44 (0) 7812 523971

James’s varied career has taken him from professional guitarist to the Press, financial sector, legal services and even the diamond industry. It was working in the tyre industry, developing radio frequency identification, that brought home to him how badly workers’ hands were being wrecked. Seeing that standard barrier creams weren’t the ideal solution, he started to develop something better and PRIMESHIELD was born.

James’ passion for helping people and the environment is plain to see. “Absolutely everyone can benefit from our products. Our aim is to make the planet easier to live in without changing its balance.”

Kate Wilkins



+ 44 (0) 1453 839187

Kate is dedicated to keeping her finger on the pulse. She’s the first point of contact for any queries you might have. With a background in the financial sector and property development, Kate knows all about time and people management and is passionate about generating success in all she does. She loves working in a team where everyone’s pulling together.

“I just want to make a huge difference, ” she says. When she’s not at work, this former county netball player plays a little golf and enjoys good food and good company!

Gerry Spencer

Production Director


+ 44 (0) 7876 510514

Before joining the company, Gerry was CEO of Ultracide Solutions, a company making disinfectant products. He trained as an engineer and has long experience in running companies at senior exectutive level, including a plastics firm and the manufacture of large-scale chromatography for the drugs industry.

Gerry’s also a musician who likes to keep fit and play golf, but his true passion is delivering a quality product as quickly as possible to customers. “I’m always looking for ways to deliver quality faster and better, ” he says.

Graeme Christie

Distribution Director


+44 (0) 7764 305465

Graeme has been involved in business development for much of his life and has held senior marketing positions for a number of well-known companies. He’s passionate about the potential of PRIMESHIELD as a global brand and says: “It’s great to be part of this team bringing these to the world.”

His other passions include hockey and walking as well as the more leisurely pursuit of reading – preferably with a glass of wine in hand!

Isabel Gainford

Marketing Director

Izzy runs her own branding and marketing consultancy and has helped scores of businesses find clarity in the marketplace and increase their visibility. She has more than 30 years of design experience under her belt and is a fully qualified life coach which she finds to be an invaluable resource when dealing with people in her line of work.

Izzy’s passionate about branding and communicating the company’s ethos, high standards and products to the world. “Knowing how good our products are makes my job so much easier, ” she says. “I love it.”

Brandon Spencer

Warehouse Manager

Brandon’s the youngest member of the PrimeShield team, but what he lacks in years, he makes up for in enthusiasm and hard work. He’s the man in control of making sure everything in the warehouse is as it should be, so that your orders can get out and be delivered on time.

He says: “It’s fun working here. I love the friendly atmosphere!”

Away from work he loves mechanics, carpentry – he makes bird boxes – and off-road biking. As a man who’s handy with his hands, he  appreciates PRIMESHIELD products!

J J Stenhouse

Media and PR

JJ has more than 40 years’ experience throughout all media to draw on including Press, TV, radio and online media. Her mission is to help clients promote themselves or their products and services as effectively as possible. Her thorough understanding of the media means she’s perfectly placed to help both journalists and content providers get exactly what they want, when they want it.

She says: “Working with this company is even more satisfying as I’m 100% behind both the company ethos and the products!”